Harmonious Food and Yoga Project

The aim of the Harmonious Food and Yoga Project is to create joyful, harmonious community though empowered food choices.

Through participation in 12 weekly meetings you will learn to:

  • Make food choices that provide physical, spiritual, mental and emotional nourishment.
  • Live joyfully.
  • Allow your emotions to guide you to complete nourishment.
  • Cultivate mental perceptions and habits that support you.
  • Establish habits and rhythms that support harmonious, joyful living.

The goal is for participants to become fully nourished; replacing painful, obsessive thoughts and feelings about food and their body with decisions that support and nourish joyful wellbeing.

What you can expect from a meeting….

You can expect a brief yoga practice, a topic for discussion, an exercise to try throughout the week, and maybe… just maybe… some food 🙂

Why Food…

Food is our default way of nourishing and caring for ourselves. When we bring mindfulness to how we nourish our bodies, we learn how to nourish other parts of ourselves.

Why Yoga…

Yoga is helpful for increasing awareness of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. I promise nothing crazy, acrobatic or embarrassing will be involved here. I am much more interested in the transformative properties of yoga. My goal is to create a safe space for joyful and harmonious community, not to get to your foot behind your head. You can read about my approach here.


The Harmonious Food and Yoga Project is located in Portland, OR and starts October 2012. Group size is limited to 7. Participation involves committing to attending all 12 classes. Since we are a community, your attendance is just as important as mine.

Investment is $275 a month or $750 in total.

For more information contact me at JJlancien@theharmoniousfoodie.com

Play Soon 😀